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Radiant Heat - Should You Consider It?

Radiant heat is a fast-growing home heating alternative. It works by sending heated water from your boiler or water heater through a tubing system that is installed in the floors, heating your entire home.

Radiant heat has many advantages over forced air conventional heating systems. When normal heating systems emit hot air, it rises to the ceiling and stays trapped there. Energy is wasted heating the top half of the room, while people occupy the space closer to the floor. Since it is evenly generated and distributed from the bottom up, radiant heat warms the body, not the air, and provides the most efficient heat source.

The air is warmed when it touches heated objects – mainly carpets and furniture. Imagine sitting on cozy heated couches and walking across warm tile floors. This direct method of keeping people warm allows the thermostat to remain at a lower setting, saving money and conserving energy. It also eliminates the need for unattractive, noisy air vents – you can arrange furniture without obstructing the heating system, and children are safe from scalding radiators or baseboards. In addition to the efficiency and aesthetic benefits, radiant heat also keeps the air in your home cleaner and healthier because it does not circulate allergens and dust throughout the house.

The system is protected in your floors, so it’s extremely durable. Many homeowners have discovered the amazing advantages of radiant heat, and installing it will immediately increase the resale value of your home, as well as provide your family with comfortable, economical heat.


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