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Residential HVAC Specialists in Auburn, WA


Heating, Cooling and Air Filtration Contractor serving the Greater Puget Sound.

Auburn HVAC Contractor

Service is where it all begins

You have a need and Griffis Heating is here to help you find a solution. All of our services are quoted before the work begins, so you never need to worry about "hidden costs". From courteous and knowledgeable dispatch staff to well-stocked radio-dispatched service trucks, everything Griffis Heating does is directed to providing you comfort and service when you need it.

Griffis Heating offers free energy consultations, professional installation, service and repairs, and preventative maintenance plans. All of TRANE high efficient heating and cooling equipment includes a ten year parts warranty, a lifetime warranty on installations installed by Griffis Heating - a certified TRANE Dealer.


To make sure every one of our customers is completely satisfied with our equipment, service, and installation, we have a 100% money-back, satisfaction guarantee. Contact us for warranty and guarantee details.



Whether you are looking for a furnace or a heat pump system, we offer installation, maintenance and repair for all of your heating needs. Let our professional staff install a new heating system that is right for you or help you maintain your current system.

Heating Installation

One size does not fit all. Every home is unique in it's heating needs. Our Comfort Specialist will help determine what heating system is right for you.


We will inspect your home and make recommendations on what type of heating system will be the most cost effective and efficient for your home. Whether you are looking for a furnace or heat pump system, we can help install a new heating system that is right for you. We carry the best in high efficiency heating systems for your home.

Heating Replacement

Replacing your heating system can be very costly, but so can the constant repair bills to keep your old heating system running. It may be time to replace your old furnace or heat pump. Today's systems are much more efficient than systems 8 to 10 years ago.


Our expert team will evaluate your old heating system to determine if an upgrade to a new heating system make sense for your family. Our staff can quickly and professionally install a new high efficiency heating system in your home.

Heating System Maintenance

If you can't remember the last time that your heating system was serviced...It's time. It's time to call us to schedule a heating maintenance seasonal tune-up. Your heating system is like a vehicle, it requires service to run efficiently. If you are not scheduling annual maintenance on your heating system, you are risking costly repairs as well as the possibility of system failure.


Scheduling regular maintenance on your furnace or heat pump will ensure that your system is running efficiently and help avoid the potential of having to replace the system. Our heating maintenance tune-ups inspect all major components of your furnace or heat pump.

Heating System Repair

In the event that your heating system breaks down, you can rest assured that our factory trained technicians can get your system back up and running quickly. Our service technicians are trained to work on all makes and models of furnaces or heat pumps. Our technicians will be professional, timely and knowledgeable.


If your system is not heating properly or blowing cold air, please give us a call so we can address the problem and fix your system properly the first time.

Furnace repair near Kent, WA

Furnaces + Heat Pumps

We offer a wide array of high efficient furnace and heat pump models to choose from if you are thinking about replacing your old heating source. We will ensure that the new furnace or heat pump is properly installed and maintained for many years to come.


Today, gas furnaces offer efficiency ratings of up to 98% AFUE. That means they can use 98% of all gas consumed to produce heat - this will save you money on future gas bills.



At Griffis Heating we offer installation, maintenance and repair for all air conditioning systems. Let our professional staff install a new central air system that is right for you or help you maintain your current system.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning works to provide you with the highest level of comfort in your home during the sweltering summer months. By removing heat and humidity and circulating cool air, central air creates a pleasant and livable atmosphere inside your home no matter the temperature outside.


Air conditioning systems function the same way as refrigerators. There are five main parts to any air conditioner: a compressor, internal heat-exchanging pipes, an expansion valve, external heat-exchanging pipes, and a refrigerant, which is commonly called Freon. The Freon is first compressed in the compressor, which turns it into a hot, high-pressure gas. The hot gas then travels through the internal pipes where it dissipates heat and liquefies. The liquid passes through the expansion valve and evaporates into a cold, low-pressure gas. The cold gas then runs through the external pipes and absorbs heat, cooling the air in the room.

An air conditioning system performs two basic tasks for you – it cools the hot air and removes humidity. The first function is easily noticeable, but the second is just as important. Reduced humidity makes the air feel cooler, allowing you to set the actual temperature level higher and conserve energy. Also, damp air can make furniture sticky and uncomfortable and shorten the freshness time of many foods kept in cabinets.

We can install central air conditioning that works in conjunction with your heating system.

HVAC Install and Repair near Renton, WA

Home Improvement

Upgrading your current air conditioning system to one with a higher SEER rating will save you money and increase your family’s comfort level at home. Also, newer units have improved filtration, run more quietly, and require less maintenance.


Consider installing an Energy Star approved unit; these are appliances designed to use as little energy as possible and still run smoothly. Saving energy prevents pollution. By choosing Energy Star and taking steps to optimize the performance of your cooling equipment, you are helping to prevent global warming and promoting cleaner air while enhancing the comfort of your home. You can find more information at

New Home Purchase

If you are purchasing a new home, look for a home with central air conditioning already installed. If this is not possible, a home that utilizes a duct heating system can be easily adapted to also accommodate central air conditioning in the summer months. Also remember to check out the SEER rating of the unit.


Find out what the local electric company charges per kilowatt-hour and estimate how much it will cost to run the air conditioning in your new home. Remember, it may be worth your money to upgrade the system if it has a low SEER rating.

Auburn heating and air conditioning repair

Central Air Conditioning

We offer a wide array of high efficient central air conditioning systems to choose from if you are thinking about replacing your old cooling source. We will ensure that the new equipment is properly installed and maintained for many years to come.


At Griffis Heating we offer indoor air analysis and air cleaner installation and repair.

Heating and Cooling Service Technicians

Indoor Air Quality Matters

Superior air quality at home is an essential component of your family’s health and comfort.
Griffis Heating and Air offers indoor air analysis and air cleaner installation and repair.


Many allergies are caused by indoor contaminants and many times indoor air quality is 5 times worse than outside. A proper air filtration system works to eradicate these bothersome elements from the air you breathe. It also prevents dangerous viruses and molds from circulating through your home.


We can install air filtration that works in conjunction with your existing heating and air conditioning system. The filters greatly reduce the percentage of dust, pollen and allergens, viruses, bacteria, molds, pet dander, and tobacco smoke in the air in your home by up to 99.9%. They also eliminate pesky odors; the smell of frying onions in the kitchen won’t be transferred to every room in the house.

Griffis Heating specializes in indoor air cleaner installation and service.

Since heating and air conditioning ducts may foster the growth of certain bacteria and allow for dust and particles to collect, air filters are an essential addition to your home comfort system.

Home Filtration Specialist in Auburn, WA

Air Filtration Products

We offer a wide array of high efficient air filtration systems. We will ensure that the new system is properly installed and maintained for many years to come.


With Griffis Heating there are endless options

We are here to help you find a solution! With over four decades in the HVAC business, we have the experience to install, repair or maintain your heating, cooling and air filtration systems. We have an expertise in the following services, but we'd still lvoe to chat with you about your specific needs. Give us a call and schedule your free consultation!

  • All TRANE Equipment

  • Gas Pipe Installation

  • Fireplaces (indoor + outdoor)

  • Hydronic and Radiant In-Floor Heating

  • Leak Detection and Repair

  • Carbon Monoxide Testing + Equipment

  • Electronic Air Cleaners

  • Smoke Detector Testing

  • Thermostat Installation

  • Ductless Heating Options

  • Gas Furnaces

  • Electric Furnaces

  • On Demand Tankless Hot Water Heaters

  • High Efficiency Filters

  • Ultraviolet Sanitizer

  • Duct Design and Installation

  • Indoor Air Quality Equipment Installation

  • Oil Furnace Service

  • Boiler Maintenance and Repairs

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